El Granada venció a la Balompédica Linense. Captura/GranadaCF

Granada beat Balompédica Linense in their friendly match on August 2. Robert Moreno’s team, who made it clear in an interview that they intend to keep Europe’s hopes in the team, showed a good copy against the opponent who was in the draw from start to finish.

Volquiere, Lauren -in his net- Waupaca They scored goals. Their three work in the second half. This period welcomed the moments of greater clairvoyance on the part of the local representatives, which, although generally dominant, were even more profound when fatigue gripped the legs of their competitors, whose coach, yes, made several changes.

Victory turns into kind of redemption For the Nasrids, who, in their previous appointment, had minimally lost before the Alcorcon. The “Potters” were deceived by relegation to the First Division last season and a better performance was expected from Nuevo Los Carmenes, who were compensated.

To the Balompédica Linense This defeat does not weigh him excessively. The faces were seen with Granada playing in the first division and before that the fall was reasonable. The team took the opportunity to test themselves, fit in, confirm feelings, and complete another day of preparing for the new cycle.

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