Lite Milli Borgonovo on La7.  “You are as supportive of Hamas as peace advocates. Israel has done nothing.”  “Who dropped those six thousand bombs on Gaza?”

Heated clashes yesterday afternoon in Tajada (La7) between the journalist Corriere della SeraMaria Teresa MiliAnd Deputy Director the truthFrancesco BorgonovoBefore Israel began its ground invasion Gaza strip.
Borgonovo criticizes the Israeli strategy, explaining that it is absurd to think about eliminating it agitation From Gaza: “In the meantime Hamas is not ISIS, despite what many ludicrously sayIn fact, he is the ISIS killer. Hamas is a political movement that is part of the institutions, and it even negotiated with Israel – and he continues – Netanyahu He explicitly said that it was appropriate to favor Hamas in order to weaken the Palestinian National Authority. in my opinion, The solution now is to stop the bombing. “Therefore, there is a need for a political solution.”

Milley has a completely opposite opinion: “The ceasefire solution that Borgonovo demands is the same solution that Hamas wants. Neither Europe nor the United States is calling for a ceasefire, but rather a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons. Only Hamas, those who will demonstrate tonight for peace (yesterday, Mr. Dr) And those supporters of Hamas who will demonstrate tomorrow (today, Mr. Dr). He adds that the slogan of these demonstrations is “ceasefire,” and it exists Support for Guterres’ words that justified Hamas. And you, Borgonovo, cannot ask for a ceasefire, because it is the same game they played with this game Poor Zelensky To force him to surrender himself hand and foot Put it in“.
He then attacked the Italian press and media, saying: “We are now talking about 50 hostages killed by the Israelis. Let’s laugh. I mean, what kind of damned information do we have if we’re talking about 50 hostages killed by Israeli bombs? Who is the source of our information? agitation? Do we believe in Hamas?

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Borgonovo objects: “It seems to me a little difficult to deny that Israel dropped more than six thousand bombs on Gaza and its environs. This was not said by Hamas, but by Israel, which also bragged about it. It’s not clear how far she wants to go, so there’s no talking. So what will we do? Do we let all the hostages die and not care about the civilians?”
“On October 7, there was a massacre that we had not seen for dozens and dozens of years,” Milley answers. “We have to start from this, otherwise we are fooling ourselves. In recent days, Israel has done nothing but negotiate, and in fact it seems to me that it has been standing at the gates of Gaza for a long time.. Israel is not invading Gaza, allowing negotiations to take place specifically for hostages in Hamas’ hands. Israel is doing nothing, so the ceasefire story is also completely ridiculous“.

Borgonovo responds by noting that his colleague is making a selective history (“You start from a date and go from there, when there was a whole history before it”) and adds: “You say that Israel has done nothing in the last few days, but If six thousand bombs on the Gaza Strip are nothing to you, that’s okay. Maybe they will be life-saving bombs like the weapons we sent Zelensky to Ukraine. “And nothing happened there either.”
Millie explodes: “Do you realize what you are saying? You are justifying what Hamas did.”
“No – answers Borgonovo – in the end you say: who cares about others if they die.”
“That’s not true,” answers the journalist courier.
“But yes – Borgonovo repeats – because you said that nothing has happened in the last twenty days.”

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