Joe Biden insists that passing this law would ease the economy in the United States

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US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass a bill To promote manufacturing, development and research to end the global shortage of semiconductors.

Biden In a speech, he announced an investment of $20 billion in two chip manufacturing plants in OhioWhich, according to the president, is one of the largest investments in semiconductors in US history.

He pointed out that the Democrats presented an initiative in Congress that included several ideas from his administration and that An estimated $90,000 million in research and development, manufacturing of these chips and in the supply chain.

in the report It includes 52 thousand million dollars in incentives for companies that build semiconductor factories in the countryThe CEO of the United States added.

“I want to see Congress pass this bill now and put it on my table,” Biden asked.

semiconductor deficiency, It is of paramount importance for the manufacture of mobile phones, vehicles and medical equipmentAnd thus it has continued through the covid-19 pandemic and the heaviest of the Biden administration’s efforts to get the economy back on its feet.

moreover, A shortage of chips for car production is causing car prices to rise amid inflation that have plagued the United States in recent months.

The purpose of these plants is to meet the growing demand for semiconductors and drive a new generation of innovative products, Intel said in a statement.

The President lamented that the semiconductor manufacturers had left the country in recent years, Noting at the same time that the United States currently invests less than 1% of its GDP in research and development of chipsWhich translates to China’s superiority in this area.

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