Lauman Group buys Fox Sports Mexico from Disney

Grupo Le Mans, Newspaper Monitor Financial Comtelsat, a telecommunications company, is the new owner of Fox Sports México.

Lauman Group, a company he chairs Manuel Arroyo’s photo And the owner of El Financiero, confirms the acquisition of Fox Sports México, an operation that is subject to authorization from our country’s regulators. “In the next few days we will provide more information,” said El Financiero Bloomberg. Guillermo Ortega, in his TV space.

However, the company did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

The purchase comes nearly two years after Federal Institute for Communications (IFT) Concentration is conditionally approved Walt Disney and Twenty-First Century Fox For 71,300 million dollars.

One of the conditions given to both companies to allow buying and selling was that it be specifically Disney Fox Sports stripped out, saying the merger would lead to an up to 80 percent concentration in sports signals and content on pay TV and streaming platforms.

This is because Disney also has sports content on ESPN, which is a direct competitor to Fox Sports.

The cancellation of the merger has been postponed due to the pandemic and only at the beginning of this month the Ifetel plenary session The Walt Disney Company and Twenty-First Century Fox (21CF) refused to extend the suspension of the period of stripping.

In March 2019, 21. Century Fox sold to Disney for $ 71 billion.

Mickey Mouse acquired the main assets of 20th Century Fox; FX, National Geographics, Boom, Fox News y Fox Sports a escala internacional.

With Disney and the 21CF stripped, it will move forward, expanding the franchise’s first collection that includes some of the most iconic characters in the world, uniting Mickey Mouse, Luke Skywalker and Marvel superheroes with X-Men, Avatar and The Simpsons’ Fox.

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Video streaming service or “streaming” Disney +, Aims to offset the ongoing loss of subscribers to ESPN and other cable networks.

The completion of the business comes nearly a year after Disney defeated Comcast Corp. in a bidding competition for Fox’s assets.

The newly created media company, whose assets include Fox News and Fox Broadcast Network, It will have about $ 10 billion in annual revenue.

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