The singer paints reels and mini outfits for her new track

Thursday, August 26, you should have called the channel Youtube By Nolwenn Leroy at 11 a.m. In fact, the singer revealed her new clip to the delight of her fans.

Besides, I decided to make them wait with two jobs Instagram. One, where the co-stars could have their first taste. The interpreter of Brazil-Finistère appears in a car, on skis, in a white and rather short uniform that will subdue those who are going to see all the photos. And in the second, Nolwenn shared excerpts from the video that his fans couldn’t wait to see.

“This summer, on a beach in northern France, we went looking for some sunshine and the great wind of freedom to take pictures of the ‘Brazil, Finistere’ clip. It’s yours!!! You love he-she”, I wrote in the caption. And in the comments, it’s crazy!

“WOOOOW! Full of freshness and vibrancy, this clip is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly illustrates this great song that I’ve been listening to since July 1st. Big congratulations on this high quality visual! Love it!” , “This syllable is candy!”, “What a mastery, what a flow”, “Wow this syllable is canon!!” It was worth the wait… “,” This syllable is perfect, fresh and fun. Congratulations, I can’t wait Now so listen to the album more. Note: You are a real professional skateboarder, we want a performance on stage “,” Bravo for this great clip Nolwenn “,” Beautiful this clip, you are radiant “,” It’s so beautiful! Color It’s beautiful, looks like the 70’s From the last century”, “But wouahouuuuuuuuu, I added this clip! What can’t I see, nolwenn! You are beautiful and this clip is gigantic!”, you could read among the many reactions.

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Brazil, Finistere, whose music video was filmed in Dunkirk, is the new single from his upcoming album, the name and release date of which has yet to be released. his last record people It dates back to 2018.

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