USA 2024: Haley dominates the fourth TV showdown “Enough of the Trump chaos” – breaking news

40 days after the start of the Iowa primaries, Nikki Haley asserts herself as the most feared and credible competitor to Donald Trump in the fourth televised debate in Alabama between the Republican presidential candidates, which was marked by clashes and insults of all kinds. Absent from Donald, who continues to abandon the debate, thanks to his significant lead in the opinion polls, is the former ambassador to the United Nations, who shines on a stage where only four remain: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with whom both are leading in the state of Iowa, but were separated in the second stage in New Hampshire, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the only irreducibly anti-Trump, and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, the outside hero and emulator of the entrepreneur.

In what now appears to have turned into a race for second place, and also as a last resort in the event of unforeseen events in Trump’s race, Haley immediately became the main target of attacks. In particular, by DeSantis and Ramaswamy, who accused her of financing and thus influencing wealthy donors on Wall Street.

The biotech entrepreneur defined her as “corrupt” (she even held up a sign with this writing on it) and “more fascist than Biden,” and sexistly compared her to “the Dick Cheney of the lipstick.”

But in return, he received boos from the audience, while Christie bravely defended himself, leading to one of the most heated clashes of the evening. “You are the most obnoxious braggart in America,” she said. “This is a smart, successful woman. You should stop insulting her.” She rebuked him for attacking her on a personal level, not a political level.

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