Saints Row, Metro, or Payday 3?  Koch Media promises the news for June 12th

From Valentin Sattler
On June 12, Koch Media plans to broadcast live as part of Summer Game Fest. Apparently some news should be presented.

Last year, the Summer Games Festival was a digital compensation event for failed video game exhibits E3 and Gamescom. The event is set to take place again this year, and several publishers have already announced their participation. The exact course of the event is not completely clear yet: until now, it was only known that the summer game should start on June 10, Ubisoft would hold its events on June 12, Microsoft on June 13 and EA on July 22. Will be postponed. Recently, Koch Media also announced a live broadcast, and it was obscure.

What games does Koch Media offer?

According to the announcement, Embracer’s subsidiary will be broadcasting live on the second day of the Summer Games Festival on June 11th. In this country, it should start broadcasting at 9 PM, via a specially created Twitch channel.We know something you don’t“, The Via the site of the same name Can be achieved.

The announcement indicates that Koch Media will be presenting some news in the live broadcast. What exactly is difficult to assess: Koch Media and its subsidiary Deep Silver are the publishers of many titles, and a new collaboration cannot be ruled out.

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It would be conceivable to have a new Saints Row, and the last branch is now nearly eight years old. It will also be possible to receive news about Dead Island 2 or a new metro. Plus, the rights to Red Faction and Painkiller were seized last year – similar games should follow soon. However, it might be too early to announce the new Time Splitters, as the studio responsible for it has just been revived.

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It would also be possible to visualize news outside of the company’s brands, for example on Payday 3. It has been clear since March that Koch Media will publish the game and that the game will be released in 2023. If anything, one should not expect more than Just a little joke: Koch Media will only reveal a lot of information about the games that will be released in the next few months.

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[PLUS] Instructions: Pimp each computer game graphically

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