Computex 2021: ASRock is officializing its Riptide cards in the X570S and B550

Insights a few weeks ago on the organization’s website European Economic Community, Motherboards X570S Reptied And the B550 Reptide It is now formalized by ASRock, And we were far from expecting a.

The two cards, which share a new design, attack players directly with as little additions as the graphics card holder intgr Which is placed on the trusses of the box, to support the sound across Nahimic2.5 Gigabit wired network the killerAnd finally, the USB ports Lightning game ports Operating through two separate controllers to enjoy a clear signal, even on devices over 1000Hz.

Finally, the rest of the cards are quite classic, but with an interesting M.2 slot for the WiFi, the antenna supports are already on the I / O Shield.

And if the two cards are exactly the same, especially with ten power supply phases for each, then the two chips make it possible to target different needs since X570S Reptied It offers three PCI-E Gen4 ports, while B550 Reptide It stays on one Gen4 port. The same applies to M.2 storage, where the two sites are in Gen4 in the first versus only one and the second (depending on installed components).

ASRock Riptide

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