Roblox: Users have reported a drop in services for several hours
Online video game Roblox has suffered a decline, affecting thousands of users (Image: Europa Press)

video game Roblox suffered a Drop on its platform on October 29, affecting thousands of users who initially experienced a lag (delay) until their accounts could not be accessed, causing uncertainty and inconvenience.

“We know you are having trouble using Roblox at the moment. We are sorry and we are working hard to get everything back to normal,” the platform stated.

This message was released in the morning, however, the work of the Roblox team did not come to fruition as seven hours later they issued another statement apologizing for the errors, and ensuring that they continue to advance in the full restoration of the platform,

“We continue to advance today’s cut. We will continue to update you. Once again, we apologize for the delay.”

Likewise, they emphasized that the failures had nothing to do directly with them, with another alien element being the culprit that players wouldn’t be able to get into Roblox for more than six hours.

“We know that this outage was not related to any specific experience or partnership on the platform,” they added.

Information in progress

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