The most immoral Clermontoys missed this record a little in Ulster

Jono Gibbs’ players lost to Ireland (34-31) on Saturday.

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He is probably one of the most predictable French clubs. It is not that he is incompetent in creativity or reminders from elsewhere, but that Clermont is part of an almost false logic: failure always follows success and vice versa. ASM’s two consecutive wins this season are pre-October.

Since then, Morgan Barra’s team has won as many games as they have lost. The Auvergnats did not break with tradition on Saturday, January 22, after falling to Cell (25-19) last weekend in the Champions Trophy (34-31) against Ulster. If their fate is no longer in their hands, they can still count on qualifying for the final draw.

During the break (17-12), Clermontois paid a lot for their immorality (only 8 penalties in the first period and a yellow card against Raqqa) and their inability to face the power of the Irish forwards. The first quarter of an hour summarizes the encounter, where history repeats itself: Rob Herring allowed Ulster to hit first after a ball. Penalties against posts (5-3, 13th).

The line-up representative of these reactionary geniuses was unable to take the match on their own, hoping to bring down the Irish team. It took almost 29 minutes in the second period to see the Chlormontois score. Thanks to a good work by Damien Bennett, who led the test of Jacobs von Tonder (69th), the situation was averted. Alivereti Raka (73rd), then Judicaël Cancoriet (76th) brought the score closer, and it took a while to change course and set the record.

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Despite the defeat, Clermont (7th with 7 points) can still be trusted to reach the final. Can be fixed on Saturday evening. If Exeter wins against State Roselois (8th, 5th point) or Montpellier in Glasgow, he will allow the European adventure to continue.


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