Alone, stand in the tribunal Senate From the United States, Jefferson Smith speaks for nearly twenty-four hours. No one can stop this. This is the rule. The young senator wants to prevent the adoption of a law that will delight businessmen with the support of another senator. Exhausted he finally walked out. His adversary Joseph Payne, who believes he is dead, later attempts suicide. We prevent it. He finally returns to the hemicycle and admits the truth of his manipulation: Jefferson Smith Was right.

This scene is very popular Frank Capra, Mr. Smith in the Senate, In which James Stewart Sometimes involves an idealism that is brilliant, while at the same time flirting with a promising morality campaign: the political system of this country allows truth to prevail. It turns out that there is a process used by Jefferson Smith to blow it up: it “Obstacles”. Also, eighty-two years after the film’s release, it has become a star topic of political debate in the United States.

To face a “Philippister”, you need a 60-vote majority in the Senate. There are only 50 Democrats.

Distant heirs of virtual Jefferson Smith pose a threat to every law Management Biden. They have much less intentions than the former scout leader who became a senator under the camera of one of the masters of American comedy: the question of blocking all progressive laws from the minimum wage to $ 15. Weapons to shoot. To face a “Philippister”, you need a 60-vote majority in the Senate. Democrats have only 50. Joe Biden seems to be stuck.

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American uniqueness

If “Parliamentary ban” It is a common practice in parliamentary democracies that “filipuster” refers to a kind of American identity. In France, Wars of Amendments The enactment of a law can be delayed and it cannot be prevented. They also take place at the base. Not necessarily across the Atlantic.

So this scene – for a long time in Hollywood, of course – in season 2 of the popular series West Wing, Senator Stockhouse reads a series of shrimp patties, the biography of David Copperfield, and the Blackjack Rules to prevent them from adopting a law that does not have adequate ways to combat autism.

“Protect the Interests of Slave Countries”

In real life, some senators have actually read recipes or poems. Bernie Sanders, He, eight hours, in 2013, condemned The eruption of inequalities, In a moment that brought the Socialist senator to the forefront even before the first candidacy for the presidency.

But, historically, the motives of the “flipsters” have been less corroborative and progressive. This is it New York Times: “In front Civil War, Philipster was used to protect the interests of slave nations. And during XX e For centuries, conservative Democrats in the South have repeatedly used Philippester to block civil rights laws. ”

Twenty-four hours and eighteen minutes

The record is also owned Storm Thurmand, Democratic senator from South Carolina. On August 28, 1957, he occupied the table for twenty-four hours and eighteen minutes to condemn. Civil Rights Act, First Federal Assembly Draft Discrimination.

By 1948, he was already standing in the presidential election, uniting the Southern Democrats and facing the outgoing Democrats. Harry Truman, Is suspected of wanting to peacefully divide “state rights”: 2.41% of the vote and four states won (South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana).

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“Monument of the Era for Jim”

After the adoption, in 1964 and 1965, the main laws Social rights, Not in practical use. The head of the Republican House in the Senate pulled it out of the dusty boxes and turned it into a weapon of political war. Barack Obama.

The former president recalls in his memoirs how the bill, beginning with the health reform and after the bill because of the former parliamentary ban, has been organized and distorted in his plans. A few months ago, he called the procedure “The memory of the era Jim Crow » (Named the Separation Laws).

“Nuclear Option”

Logically, its former vice president, Joe Biden , To respond to the demands of the progressives: Finish The Filipuster. » He refuses to do so, for now. But, is it possible? In fact. It only needs a simple majority to send it back to the Senate dustbin.

In Washington, this is called the “nuclear option,” which is no less. Other than that … two Democratic senators – Joe Mancin And Kirsten Cinema – In times of political polarization, in the name of a “two-party” spirit equivalent to giving the key, let them know that they will not vote in favor of abolishing it. ChaptersFor Republican minorities.

Cut the threat

Will the new president try to turn their hand? Not currently. He wants to further control “Philippester” by renewing duty Stands up and speaksThe simple threat of “Philippester” was enough to disarm any legislative effort.

He bets that this will expose the narrow-mindedness of the Republicans to the general public. It may also provide a unique forum for senators Extreme right, Will pass themselves off as modern James Stewarts.

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