Gerard Bollens on Trentin's victory at Smeen: 'An even fiercer victory'

Matthew Trentin Win a great copy of the Samyn Grand Prix this Tuesday between Quarregnon and Dour! A victory achieved in a contested sprint in small commission, the Maverick victory today. I got it Hugo Hofstetter And the Dries de Bundt to become the first Italian winner of this one-day race.

Our advisor, Gerard Pollens, gave his impressions: “Disputed edition as usual, with a difficult course. By the end of the race, the runners are almost exhausted. Lots of reruns on local circuits, cobblestones, little climbs: all ingredients needed to have a good race. This year more than 214 kilometers is still significant.

Did the strongest win? “One of the strongest Yes, I wouldn’t say it was the strongest. Campertes was fine. Dewulf was Naesen, he was unlucky. But it is undoubtedly the most violent victory. Who dared run the race, which was well calculated, and who started so strong in this sprint, who took advantage of the work of Hofstetter who was a bit stuck in the final.

Arnaud de Lee, 19, was competing in his second biggest one-day race. 10th place:It is really encouraging. We really need someone in Wallonia to “replace” Philip Gilbert. Even if he doesn’t have the same qualities, I think he’s more than just a runner. But we need a standard bearer and he can become one. “

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