Pope: There is only one Church, God is asking us to unite – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Vatican City, January 22 – The Pope issues an appeal to overcome divisions in the Church. “This is the way that the Church has shown us: all, even the pastors of the Church, are subject to the authority of the word of God. Not under our tastes, inclinations, and inclinations, but under the one word of God, which is formulated,” he said in the Homily for the Mass in the Vatican Basilica.

Bergoglio also asked not to waste time “on too many secondary discussions”. “Do not profess a wide-hearted God and be a narrow-hearted Church, for that would be, I allow myself to say, anathema.” “It does not occur to us to preach salvation to all and make way to welcome it impassable; “Let us learn from Jesus – added Pope Francis on the day dedicated to the word of God – to put the word in the center, to expand borders, to open ourselves to people, to create experiences of encounter with the Lord, realizing that the word of God crystallized in abstract and static formulas, but knows a dynamic history that consists of persons, events, words, actions, developments and tensions. (Dealing).

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