Restores can be paralyzed thanks to the law of second chance, according to LiquidaTuDeuda Abogados

When a person is in insolvency and defaults on their loans, they may face repossession. This action relies on forfeiting your property assets, taking away a portion of your payroll or the entire balance in your bank account, to pay outstanding debts.

Currently, Privileges can be turned off Through various mechanisms, one of them is to benefit from the second chance law, which is based on professional and effective work.

To request a suspension of the ban, in accordance with the orders of the law, it is important to obtain the advice of a team of professionals in the sector. Debt Settlement for Your Law Firm They specialize in the application of second-chance law as well as everything related to defending people in all kinds of legal matters, and they provide high quality services with successful results in the shortest possible time..

How to stop the franchise law of the second chance?

With the law of second chance, both natural and self-employed persons can cripple their present and future privileges. This is approved by the Bankruptcy Law, in Article 588, where it is prohibited to impose a ban on the assets and rights of the debtor. This way, once the process is started, no one will be able to seize the debtor’s assets until the procedure is resolved, with 100% successful results in clearing their debts and thus canceling all attachments..

In order to benefit from this law, a series of requirements must be met, such as proof that you cannot live in dignity if the credits are paid off first and that you are a good faith debtor. In addition, the debt must be less than 5 million euros and the debtor must not have a criminal record of an economic nature.

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A law firm specializing in second chance law

LiquidaTuDeuda Law Firm is a law firm that specializes in advising individuals, families, self-employees and entrepreneurs regarding debt cancellation through second chance law.. The office has a team of professionals in the administrative and legal fields, who specialize in bankruptcy law, who handle all legal procedures related to default. To do this, they represent their clients before the courts and accompany them at all times, giving them peace of mind that their assets will be protected.

Likewise, it provides legal services related to abusive items and spinamong other administrative procedures. The company understands that insolvency is a very difficult process for the debtor, and therefore it offers services adapted to any type of budget..

The company personally takes care of its clients at its headquarters, located in Albacete, and at its agencies in Valladolid, Alicante, Puerto Sagunto, Murcia and Barcelona. They will soon open new offices in Madrid, Cordoba and Ciudad Real. In this way, it becomes a leading company in the field of financial services in Spain.


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