Eric Judder starring in Fabcaro’s new comic strip “Guacamole Voodoo”.

Literature – We will not talk here about Eric Judd’s new comedy for Disney + or his role in the second season. LOL, Qui rit, sort. This Friday, May 6, the French comedian shows not a picture, but a … Surrealist photo novel. This is called Guacamole Vaudou And editions published by du Seuil.

In this comedy, the former actor H. Includes a specific Stephen Chabert. Stephen Chabert, the kind of person we call the loser, the big loser. Stephen Chabert has no friends. If you open your mouth in the office you will always miss the mark. When his colleagues do not openly tease him, they throw bread crumbs in his direction in the canteen.

The bakery refuses to serve him bread. Conversely, it would be ham fat. And when he meets his neighbor, he’s the dog that greets him with his feces on his head.

Stephen Chabert is in love. He secretly falls in love with one of his colleagues, Mary Francois (played by a historian). Daily Alison Wheeler). But now, Stephen Chabert has not mastered the art of flirting. His comments could even fetch allegations of sexual harassment, as in the scene below next to the photo copy machine.


It’s very simple. Not a single person, including his boss Miss Bianco (played by novelist Olivia Goodrin), felt anything but hatred for him. Conversations are absurd.



The starting position is laughable. It’s about voodoo dolls, sacred drinks and of course mantras. Still, it will change Stephen Chabert’s life forever. Women will no longer oppose him. In the office, everyone praises him as a “hip hip hip hoo.” He gained confidence by becoming a true media personality. Presidential election, a good day, to the extent of running.

Problem: By who he is, Stephen Chabert has trapped himself in trouble and enemies. Be careful Stephen, fate may turn upside down.

This is a completely weird story, including the editor 28 minutes At Arte lisabeth Quin, we owe a debt of gratitude to a French writer: Fabcaro. Real name is Fabrice Caro, author of many successful comics like her Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï Or And if love is to be loved?.

Known for his witty comedy, he is behind many equally absurd novels. Figurec And DiscourseRecently adapted into cinema by Laurent Trott. Guacamole Vaudou Adds a stone to this writer’s building with a literary genre.

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