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Liked it or not? Instagram has not yet resolved the thorny issue of displaying ‘likes’ under photos and videos, associated with the potential harmful effects of users’ pursuit of validation. After several tests where some people no longer see the number of “likes” (“likes”) the content has gathered, the popular Facebook app on Wednesday announced a new experience, where users will decide for themselves what is “best” for them.

They will be able to “decide to activate the option that suits them best, whether it is choosing not to see the number of likes on other people’s posts, deactivating the likes on their own posts or keeping the original experience”, details press release. In 2019, Instagram hid the “likes” of a small group of people, but the results were mixed: Some guinea pigs said they felt less pressure, but others missed the benchmark, anxious to see which content worked well and spot trends.

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Affected users can no longer see the number of “likes” that were receiving other people’s posts. They can still access the number of “likes” on their posts, but by clicking on a different page. An Instagram spokesperson said in July 2019: “We are running this experiment because we want users to focus on the photos and videos shared, not the number of likes they collect.” “We don’t want. We don’t want Instagram to appear. Like a competition.”

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A 2018 Pew Research Center study in the United States showed that 72% of teens in the country use Instagram and nearly 40% of them felt compelled to share content that garnered a lot of “likes” or comments. Michael Stora, psychologist and president of Agence France-Presse, said the frantic search for “likes” has locked teens in a false bubble of perfection “that takes them back to the idea that they are” not up to the task. “Worlds, last October.

This new test, conducted at the global level, should make it possible to “understand whether the fact that giving more control to each user, to build an experience that suits him, helps reduce stress in an appropriate manner,” Instagram concludes.


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