Le Marie's 'Cool' Energy Saving Idea: 'Stay Off the Tie'

As if the situation wasn’t already difficult enough for families and businesses, in the foreground Dear BillsAnd, in recent weeks, we’ve also had to embrace advice – not at all needed – from celebrities, influencers, and even politicians, on how to save energy in everyday life in light of a winter that promises to be too complicated from this point of view. From the idea of ​​cooking pasta over a fire by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Giorgio Baresi to other conveniences, families, already angry at high prices, have had to put up with all sorts of pointers and recommendations that make future energy rations seem like, by comparison, almost a healthy picnic. The last “genius” in this sense comes from a brilliant advocate for the French government, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Marie.

French minister shot

You’ll never see me wear a tie again“Really cool, why didn’t we get there sooner? Alas, it is not a joke at all nor an April Fool’s Day in the fall, but an official statement by the unspeakable Le Marie.”You will no longer see me in a tie but with a turtleneck. And I think it will be fine, it will allow us to save energy and show sobriety‘, he told the radio microphones France Interaccording to the agency Dealingemphasizing that the heating of the Ministry of Economy in Paris – in the Bercy area – will remain off at least until the thermometer passes under 19 degrees. A directive issued by Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne for all ministries in France.

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“Take a bath for two and turn off the computer”

A few days ago, a Swiss minister suggested showering together to tackle the energy crisis. This is the recipe created by the Socialist Swiss Environment Minister Simonetta Sommarugato call on the Swiss to save energy, as reported by Danielle Del Orco on Giornale.it. The minister pledged to reduce energy consumption by 15% to survive the winter. Thus, to combat the fears of citizens with a sharp rise in bills, he told the newspaper frankly Tag’s Anzeiger that we must beginTurn off the computer when not needed, turn off the lights or take a shower togetherAfter the controversy, the Socialist Minister had to correct his sayings, making it clear that he had been thinking of young people when she allowed herself to agree to the proposal, acknowledging it.After a certain age, showering together is no longer suitable for everyoneWho knows if even if Marie will realize what he said and will correct it: even if it is a joke, the French minister knows that humor is certainly not his forte.


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