Ron, Mick and Keith... UNLEASH!

The Stones took advantage of the perfect weather to celebrate their 60th birthday in Heysel.

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TheSo the Rolling Stones celebrated their 60th birthday at King Baudouin Stadium on Monday night. They had arrived in Brussels the day before, and had stayed at the Amigo, so that Mick Jagger gave himself a short downtown getaway, accustomed to every stage of this 60-round tour. This is how the 78-year-old singer stood near the statue of Jacques Brel, in the Marché aux Poissons, in Sainte-Catherine and at the cocktail bar La Pharmacie Anglaise before going to dinner at Villa Lorraine.

Monday, seriously, no more laughter. Under the relentless sun, the stadium doors open at 4pm, so Iceland’s Kaleo can’t be sure they won’t put on a show at 7:30pm at the empty King Baudouin. The latter is finally well filled (without being completed), thanks in particular to last-minute sales where it was possible (on the secure site to find Sesame for a hundred euros.

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