La Luna Negra del 30 de abril

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If you feel like your month needs something to seal it all in, don’t worry, Today, April 30, there will be a black moon. What does this astronomical phenomenon consist of? Does the moon actually turn black? Why is it called this way? We tell you everything you want to know.

What is a black moon?

The The black moon is a phenomenon that occurs very few times a year. Its name in itself is not a concept that astronomers know as such.

Why is it called Black Moon? This is its origin

The moon takes 29 days to complete its cycle. in this period It can go through several cycles starting with the new moon, crescent, full moon, and last quarter of the moon.

But where does the black moon come from? Is it also another cycle of the moon? It is known as a black moon when the satellite “looks” towards the earth and does not illuminate the sun. When there is a new moon, our natural satellite appears to have disappeared, at least from our field of view.

How often is there a black moon?

A little over 12 months later, two new moons appeared in the same month. The second is known as the black moon.

So, in conclusion, the black moon is the second new moon of the month, which is rare as we mentioned.

Solar Black Moon Eclipse

Today there will also be a solar eclipse, which will not be total and also bears the name Black Moon Eclipse of the Sun.

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It is named for the phase in which the moon is located. To learn more about this wonderful moment, click on this link.

Where do you see the black moon eclipse of the sun in Mexico in April 2022?

To watch the solar eclipse live, you can follow the following broadcast:

NASA – click here.

Also from YouTube channel Gyaan ki gareebi the solar eclipse will be spotted.



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