Expendables: Stallone deposits the franchise and hands it to Jason Statham

After saying goodbye to the cult figures who made his career, Rocky and Rambo, Sylvester Stallone now does the same to Barney Ross, the primary mercenary he plays in The Mercenaries.

Although he’s in great shape, Sylvester Stallone thinks it’s “time to move on,” he said on Instagram, on the final day of filming for The Expendables 4, which is set to hit cinemas next year.

“They just did a really successful stunt and it’s time to move on,” animated Sly says in this instagram video.

“It’s my last day so I enjoy it but it’s always sweet and bitter when it comes to something I’ve been so attached to… It’s been twelve years but I’m ready to hand it over to Jason.” expert hands. It’s great to be able to make movies that are entertaining but it also has a message. What I try to convey through my successes is human communication. There is not a lot of movement, the action is clear, but communication with spectators who can get acquainted with the characters, regardless of the assignment in the program. ”

The new film will primarily focus on Lee Christmas (played by Jason Statham) who will take over the Expendables. This explains why Stallone first introduced this sequel as a spin-off dedicated to Lee Christmas.

Other projects planned

If he says goodbye to this character, whom he loves so much, then the actor will not stop there in spite of everything, to the delight of his fans. He will actually appear on The Samaritan in August 2022, before continuing filming Little America, the dystopian world in which China owns the USA. Sylvester Stallone’s mission, in this movie, is to rescue the daughter of a billionaire trapped in a ghetto.

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