Con maratón de 12 horas, regresa la danza a los escenarios

For the dance community, being able to return to the stage after two years of absence due to the pandemic, resume their activities and make their work visible in this living art, in person, is a great start to celebrate International Dance Daywhich weakens the intertwined dialogue that exists between independent institutions and groups.

That is why today, for 12 hours straight, it will host the various groups from 10:00 am, the Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater and the Angel Salas Square To recognize this art, created by UNESCO in 1982, taking into account the date of birth of the French choreographer Jean-Jacques Noverre (1727-1810), considered a revolutionary in dance.

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“We have prepared a comprehensive program with more than 250 dancers participating and showing the diversity of genres that are distinguished in this art, from classical, folklore and contemporary, to ballroom, African and break dance. It will be a marathon of more than 10 hours from the National Dance Company Championship, Inbal Dance Schools, a production center Contemporary Dance (Ceprodac), as well as independent companies with a track record and soloists with interventions on the stage under the name of choreographers.” 24 hoursAnd Nina SerratosNational Dance Coordinator.

The official asserts that the opening of this marathon will be in which those dancers and choreographers who have not had the opportunity for two years to visually highlight their artwork, given the great need to show themselves to their audience.

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It will open with National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance In addition to reading the official letter created by UNESCO, which in this version will introduce South Korean dancer Kang Soo Jin, which will indicate in her message that dance is made of ephemeral moments, which means that the dancers move forever.

“The COVID-19 He restricted, and even banned, the art of dance in its original form. “Although the situation has improved, dance performances are still subject to many restrictions,” the principal dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet said in her letter.

The enthusiasm of the new generations of dancers has a well-established idea of ​​following in the footsteps of the dancers who put Mexico’s name on a world-class level, such as Elisa Carrillo and Isaac Herandez.

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However, there is a lot of misinformation, says the interviewee, because it is not only in the classic and contemporary genre that they stand out in the world.

“In traditional dances, they have a very strange and impressive way of organizing themselves and also of managing their presentations in the world, and it also happens that we have new generations who are part of this transgression of transcending dance because the digital language has been a strengthening towards cinema, strengthening our cultural agents of dance in the world Which is reflected in festivals and meetings,” concluded Nina Serratos.



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