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Nicholas Bushman talks about a TV break and Lula Webert in an interview with Extratipp.com (photo montage)

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Nicholas Bushman dances his way to the Finals with “Let’s Dance”. In an interview with extratipp.com, he now reveals his performances on the show and what his plans are for the TV format.

Cologne – The Grand Final “Let’s Dance” will be held on May 28th. Nicholas Buschman (30), Rick Gislason (33) and Valentina Bahdi (26) are fighting for victory. In an interview with Extratipp.com, the former “Prince Charming” now reveals his performance on the dance show and his future plans on TV.

Nicholas Buschman may have made history by participating in Let’s Dance, because for the first time in 14 seasons there is a male duo. Ex-Prince Charming dances with Vadim Garbozov (34) and performs well week after week. In an interview with extratipp.com, the 30-year-old shared his experience: “Let’s dance is a ‘once in a lifetime’ journey for me which is a lot nicer but also more intense than I initially thought. Months now I am constantly learning new steps by heart. ”

Let’s Dance: Nicholas Buschman takes a break from TV

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But let’s dance is only a walk in the park. This is also confirmed by Nicholas Buschman: “A new dance every week, twice since several shows. This makes my head smoke a lot and my body reaches its limits, but thanks to my great professional dancers I was able to perform a different choreography every week and never give up” along with Professional dancer Vadim Garbozov, dancing on his way to the stage: “I don’t want to miss this experience and I am grateful to have come this far.”

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Even if training required a lot of strength from him, Nicholas Buschman takes a lot of positive things out of the dance show and shares the motivating words with him: “I took from Let’s Dance that you can do anything, no matter how little time you have or how hard the road is” . Aside from training with his dance partner, Nicholas Buschman has many positive memories: “I’ve met so many great people who have become dear to my heart, including Lola Webert.” But on the ninth show, Lola Weippert’s (25) dream ended with winning “Let’s Dance” and she had to leave the show.

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Let’s dance: Who will win the Final?

The entire training will soon end for the remaining three candidates as well. In an interview, Nicholas Buschman reveals how things should go on for him after the show: “Time will tell. First of all, I allow myself some rest and then I’m ready for new and exciting projects.” The beloved dancer didn’t tell us which projects were exactly.

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Nicholas Buschman’s performance in the final and whoever will win on May 28 can be seen at 8:15 PM on RTL.

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