Prince Andrew in turmoil: This is a gesture from the Queen that proves his support for his son

Prince Andrew is accused of sexual assault by an American, and is kept out of sight. Amid the turmoil, Queen Elizabeth shows her support for her youngest son.

Prince Andrew is in turmoil. Queen Elizabeth’s son accused of sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Joffrey. The alleged victim filed a complaint in New York City court claiming that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted and raped her when she was 17. As the Duke of York’s lawyers try to devise a defense strategy, Buckingham Palace has not commented on the facts. However, according to an article published in timesAnd This Sunday, August 22, the Queen will firmly support her son.

Despite the controversy, Prince Andrew will be allowed to retain his position as a colonel in the Grenadier Guard. A senior military source told times the new. “The Queen has told the regiment that she wants the Duke of York to remain a colonel and the main idea is that no one wants to do anything that might upset a colonel on duty.”, explains the guest. A decision that raises many questions within the Grenadier Guard.How can you have a colonel who can’t play the role? You can’t have a colonel who doesn’t perform his public duties.”The source argues. Prince Andrew also held other honorary titles, including the title of Colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Colonel-General of the Yorkshire Regiment, Chief of Commodore in the Air Fleet, and finally the title of Honorary Air Commodore of the RAF.

The Queen supports her son!

This decision indicates that the king supports his son, who has resigned from public office. Prince Andrew also turned to Balmoral with Queen Elizabeth II to avoid controversy. The brother of the Prince of Wales has denied the accusationsBut he did not respond publicly to the accusations.

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