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Orcas that have ended up in the waters of the Seine for days, and whose health is rapidly deteriorating, will be directed towards the sea by drones that will propagate the direction of these cetaceans, in the hope that the animal will respond as expected by specialists, both French and international. , who are following the case.

“This non-invasive method will allow us not to approach boats, which could exacerbate animal stress and threaten its survival, as well as the safety of rescuers,” the Prefecture of Seine Maritime said in a statement.

The orca, a 4m long male, was first seen on May 16 at the mouth of the Seine between Le Havre and Honfleur in Normandy, before beginning to move upriver to the west of Rouen.

Gerard Mauger, Vice President of the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group, quoting France 3, explains that mammals are “in poor health and at risk of dying” because they do not find enough food in the river and fresh water that is harmful to their organism. .

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