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Today’s referendum day in Switzerland, where residents are invited to express their views on various issues, from banning synthetic pesticides to strengthening the fight against terrorism. The results should be published this evening.
The issue of pesticides was particularly felt, which saw heated discussions among farmers during the election campaign.
Especially since the country hosts one of the largest producers of plant protection products, the Basel Syngenta group, which was acquired by the Chinese giant ChemChina in 2017.
One proposal for a popular vote calls for these products to be banned within ten years. The import of foodstuffs produced abroad using these pesticides will also be prohibited. Another initiative calls for tighter environmental requirements that affect the payment of federal subsidies to farmers, and to reward those who do not use chemicals. Environmentalists and the left backed both initiatives against which the government accuses them of wanting to “undermine the country’s food sovereignty”. According to polls, both can be rejected.
Also among the rules to be voted on is a law that includes various measures aimed at further reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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