Minecraft The Wild Update - Release Date & New Content

Minecraft players will have the opportunity to explore new biomes while fighting monsters added in the WIld update.
Minecraft is about to receive a major update to help bring more depth to the environment. The world of Minecraft continues to expand as one of the most played games in the world even 11 years after its release.

Just like the Caves & Cliffs update launched last year, the Wild update will change some biomes and add new objects, blocks, and characters. This new update focuses on the Overworld, where players spend most of their time when playing Minecraft.

Minecraft The Wild Update – Release Date

The added biomes will provide new adventures for players. (Image: Microsoft)

The Wild update for Minecraft is set for release on June 7, 2022 and will be available for both the Bedrock version on consoles and mobile devices as well as the Java desktop version.

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The Java Edition received a pre-release of Wild Update starting in May, but several bugs have been found that are expected to affect gameplay until the update is fully released.

Minecraft The Wild Update – New Content

Minecraft The Wild Update crapauds
Players can pick up and bring in new friendly mobs. (Image: Microsoft)

The Wild update brings great additions to Minecraft. The Overworld will receive two new biomes, The Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamps, for players to explore.

The Deep Dark will be secluded areas deep within the mines and home to the new terrifying hordes, Scrickers. Several types of straw blocks are found in deep darkness. Mangrove swamps will provide a new tree with long roots that will grow out of the swamps. New mud mass can be found in mangrove swamps with frogs and tadpoles.

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Players will now also be able to build a boat with a crate to aid them in their water adventures. A new challenging gang will be included known as The Guardian that hunts The Deep Dark and will require stealth to defeat it.

During last year’s Minecraft Live, players voted to add a new monster to the game. Alley has been selected and will arrive with The Wild Update. This new mob will collect items for players from all over the world and dance 473ur from all notebooks.

For more information on the popular Sandbox title, check out our section for Minecraft guides, news, content updates, and more.

Image courtesy of Microsoft.


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