A man shoots and kills his girlfriend on the street, runs over and slaughters her in the car

when He saw his girlfriend shot dead By a man in broad daylight chased by his car and I fully invested it Before getting out of the car and beating him to death, the terrible sequence of streets in New York was staged in broad daylight and immortalized in a video recorded by a CCTV. The accident happened last Wednesday and claimed the life of Lisbeth Maas, 52, who was killed while working as a building sign at a road construction site near the attack.

Reportedly, the man suspected of his death, Jose Everaldo Reyes, 66, had repeatedly bike to the construction site where Mas worked, the two knew each other but on Wednesday it was the man. The 52-year-old attacked and killed her. The video shows the woman sitting on the sidewalk as the 66-year-old approaches her after leaving her bike. At one point, the victim is seen getting up from the sidewalk and trying to escape from it. At this point, Reyes had fired several shots, killing her.

The victim
in the picture: The victim

Watching the scene outside the frame was the woman’s friend, 58-year-old Dwayne Walker, who immediately stepped in and slammed the wheel of his car and hit the man who was allegedly trying to escape the scene by bike. As seen in the footage, the man then pulls back in the car, knocking on the door again with his door open before catching it, throwing it onto the hood and hitting it. Finally, in the video, we see the 55-year-old running towards the woman who died soon after in the hospital. 66 years old, under arrest for murder But he was admitted to hospital in stable condition. Walker has yet to be charged But investigations are still underway.

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