United States of America, Trump also wins the state of South Carolina in the Republican primary elections.  Challenger Healey: 'I won't give up'

Donald Trump has achieved new clear success in the Republican primary to determine Joe Biden's rival in next fall's presidential election. By obtaining nearly 60% of the votes, the former president won South Carolina, a state that grants the right to 50 first-class delegates, bypassing Nikki Haley, who was governor there. “a […]

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New clear statement for Donald Trump In the Republican primaries to determine the challenger Joe Biden In the presidential elections next fall. With approx 60% of the votes The former president won South Carolina, a state that grants 50 superdelegates, fleetingly Nikki Haley Who was the ruler here? “Another victory Better than expected. Commenting on the result, Trump said: “It is a wonderful evening: now we will go to Michigan and then to Super Tuesday.” “I have never seen Republicans so united,” the former president said, assuring his supporters that once elected, he would immediately address and solve the immigration crisis. “I will not give up this fight “While most of America disapproves of Trump and Joe Biden,” were Haley’s words instead.

Despite this victory, the road to… White House It cannot be said that Trump is in decline. There is his Legal problems and trials Which could interfere with the election campaign, affecting it if convicted. Even if it's Trump convicted If he were to continue to run, and even govern, it is unclear whether voters would consider him fit for the presidency. Then there's the matter of Haley's votes: If Trump wins the nomination, he won't be able to take the former ambassador's votes for granted. Who voted for Haley? He is unlikely to vote for Trump in the primaries, and this could weaken him in a potential showdown with Biden. However, in support of the former president, comes an informal poll from the American Conservative Conference with 94% consensus against him. 5% of Halley. Trump actually won the primaries Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Voting next Tuesday Michigan State.

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