Gotthard 22 km waiting list and 4 hours waiting -

They are motorists from Northern Europe bound for the peninsula. Queues are also in the “gate” of Mont Blanc; Today and Monday are “black stamp” days. Heavy traffic restrictions apply throughout the Italian network

Tourists line up at the entrance to the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland from Northern Europe to Italy. A real “wave”: at one in the afternoon today, the “snake” of cars lined up in a southerly direction reached 22 kilometers; The Swiss Traffic Information Service estimates that waiting times to enter the tunnel are up to 4 hours. The tunnel is located along the A2 Swiss road that points to Italy and the Como Chiasso Pass. Even the queues at the Italian-Swiss border are increasing by 4 km.

As happened yesterday, the Swiss police advised alternative routes, in particular through the San Bernardino Tunnel, but this road too is gradually becoming more crowded. Barriers have also formed at other “gates” for tourists to enter Italy: at the entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel (the French side), a two-hour and 15-minute wait, according to Autostrade per Italy.

A ‘black sticker’ was placed on the entire Italian motorway network, today Friday; The same will happen on Monday, when returns are scheduled. Meanwhile, heavy vehicle traffic restrictions have been in place throughout the entire Easter holiday.

Apr 15, 2022 (change on Apr 15, 2022 | 13:40)


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