Northern Europe in the cold!  Could he come down to Italy?  Yes, but decisive action will be needed, let’s see which ones

These days with one thing Indignant meekness Which I managed to get through Unnaturally hot Especially in the south it is very difficult to talk about winter and cold. However, if we expand our view towards the north, in the direction of… Scandinavian countries, We noticed that The cold is definitely there.…not even a little for mid-November.

The main problem affecting the weather in Italy and southern Europe in the cold season is Excessive power of the Atlantic plane. When this giant river of air begins to flow violently, it subjects everyone to… Indignant meekness Which can last for several days if not entire weeks. All the hail is collected together inside a giant vortex (polar vortex) Which he will eventually find himself having Exceptionally cold temperatures inside.

In other words, if Central and Southern Europe and the Mediterranean currently exist Exceptionally high temperaturesInstead Scandinavian countries offer conditions Frostwith equal temperatures Below -20 degrees At night.

Don’t you believe it? We’ll show you next framework Low temperatures last night Registered all over our continent… and beyond!

We immediately focus our gaze within the white line drawn on the map. In the interior of Scandinavia tonight fell to -25°! as you see, Exaggerated softness The Mediterranean and part of Western Europe are directly responsible for the vulnerable areas Moderate ocean currentswhile in the north Raw winters definitely exist.

Will it come down to us too? As long as the plane continues to fly this way, it will be “mission impossible.” It will be urgent Deceleration of the tension of the plane itself To start one Cold pour Towards lower latitudes. All of this could happen At the end of the second decade of November Some models have been assuming this scenario for several days.

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We just have to wait, and arm ourselves with a little patience. Obviously keep following us!

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