Carla Souza remembers why she decided to break the silence after being sexually assaulted: 'It was very painful'

Mexican film actress Carla Souza He spoke about the sexual and psychological abuse complaint he filed in 2018.

Although the case did not reach the authorities, Carla Souza explained why she decided to make what she was exposed to public.

was in an interview withwindows‘, where the actress commented that she will always stand up for victims who have gone through the same thing as her: “It’s a topic I’ve always been excited about.”

Later, she admitted that it was difficult for her to move forward, however, staying away from the spotlight and social networks and receiving treatment were key points.

Carla Souza (Instagram / @carlasouza)

“Treatment was one of my priorities, turn off the cell phone, my decision was to walk away, because they hurt me so much,” said Carla Souza.

And the actress recalled how the media and the public came to “represent” what happened to her: “The way to talk about it was very painful for me.”

Finally, she admitted what encouraged her to speak out, the same attitude that continues to motivate her to support hundreds of victims.

“It’s a very powerful learning, to go ahead and the women who came to me, to thank me and tell me how you helped me open my mouth and that’s why I did it,” he concluded.

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Carla Souza (Instagram / @carlasouza)

Carla Souza denounced sexual assault in 2018

Carla Souza She revealed in 2018 that she was the victim of sexual and psychological abuse by a film director, when she was just beginning her career.

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“With this director I was alone, there were not many women in that group, I felt unprotected, I lived without my father. He said in an interview with L aristegy.

He also explained that there was a “flirting” and “physical approach” he was afraid to turn down.

Over time everything started to get worse and he started to scare her if she didn’t do what he wanted.

Carla Souza

Carla Souza (@karlasouza)

If you decide not to open the door for him, the next day he will sue. He decided not to shoot my scene and started humiliating me in front of others.”

Despite this, Carla Souza did not reveal the name of the person involved.


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