Anti-Semitism: Roth calls for consequences in the document

Status: 06/20/2022 10:13 pm

The banner of the Indonesian artist group in the documentary caused harsh criticism. Minister of State for Culture Roth spoke of “anti-Semitic images” and called for repercussions. The organizers have since responded.

Shortly after Document Fifteen opened, new allegations sparked anti-Semitic controversy surrounding the show, which had been smoking for months. In particular, it is about the contribution of the Indonesian artist collective Taring Body. Among other things, a soldier with the face of a pig is seen on their large-scale banner at Friedrichsplots in Cassell.

The soldier wears a scarf with the Star of David and a helmet inscribed “Mossad”. That is the name of Israel’s foreign intelligence service. In the same picture, a man wearing a kippa, hat and flannel has bloody eyes, sharp teeth and a curved nose.

Document Fifteen This banner of the Indonesian artist’s joint daring body caused a lot of controversy: the players with the star David are on the lower left, and the figure of a man with yarmulke and sharp teeth is on the right.

Image: dpa

Roth criticized “anti-Semitic films.”

State Culture Minister Claudia Roth criticized the “anti-Semitic image.” “Human dignity, protection against anti-Semitism and racism, and any false humanity are the basis of our coexistence, and this is where artistic freedom finds its limits,” he explained. The document “should immediately clarify this to the curators and artists and make the necessary decisions,” Roth said.

The Israeli embassy in Berlin also found clear words: “We are outraged by the anti-Semitic elements that are currently being exposed in Document 15 in Kassel.” “The elements displayed in some of the exhibitions are reminiscent of the campaign of Goebbels and his aides during the dark periods of German history.” Not only did all the red lines cross, they were broken. These items should be removed from the exhibition immediately.

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“Clear anti-Semitic uprising”

The American Jewish Committee also called for the dismissal of Berlin’s managing director: Sabin Schormann should be relieved of his duties immediately, Director Remco Limhous explained that “explicit anti-Semitism must be stopped immediately and related work removed.”

The director of the Ann Frank Institute of Education called on those responsible for the World Art Exhibition in Cassell to eliminate the contribution of Indonesian artists. “This is a clear anti-Semitic uprising and a violation,” Maron Mendel said.

Joseph Schuster, chairman of the Federal Council of Jews, proclaimed freedom of the arts where misconduct begins. “This red line has been crossed in the document.” Those responsible must now fulfill their social responsibility and achieve results.

New anti-Semitic controversy in the document

Heiko Neumann, HR, Daily Headlines 10:15 pm, June 20, 2022

“Anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism”

Hessian anti-Semitic officer Uwe Becker also called for the job to be removed. “Semitism, whether spoken, painted or sung, is anti-Semitic.

Hesse’s Minister of Arts, Angela Dorn, chair of the Document Monitoring Committee, spoke on anti – Semitic images. So, with the intention of clarifying the matter as soon as possible, he immediately contacted Shorman, the general director of Documenta.

Olaf Zimmermann, executive director of the German Cultural Council, explained that it was “absolutely incomprehensible” that those in charge of the documents were allowed to display these anti-Semitic works, even if discussed in advance.

The banner is currently hidden

After several anti-Semitic allegations against Document Fifteen, the banner is now closed. The document said that due to the portrayal of the statistics of the anti-Semitic readings group, it was decided to “cover up the work in question and establish interpretation,” along with the joint, management and art movement.

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Prior to the exhibition, its structure was the subject of controversial debate over how it handled Israel, above all else. There was particular criticism of the Indonesian art group Ruangrupa, which was handed over to the art movement. Ruangrupa has been accused of involving organizations that question Israel’s right to exist or support the boycott of the country.

Steinmeier: Concerns before opening

In his inaugural address, federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he had long been skeptical about delivering the speech. “Because some criticisms of Israeli policy, such as building settlements, are justified,” the recognition of the Israeli state “is the basis and prerequisite for our debate.”

Steinmeier said, “It’s worrying that more and more delegates from the South of the world have recently refused to attend events, conferences, or festivals attended by Jewish Israelis.” In this context, it is noteworthy that “none of the Jewish artists from Israel were represented in this important exhibition of contemporary art.”

Ruangrupa and the documents firmly denied the allegations. A series of discussions aimed at calming the people has been canceled.


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