Rot-Weiss Essen is on the rise - back in professional football after 14 years
Football Cheers at the traditional club

After 14 long years, Rhode-Weiss Essen returns to professional football

Rot Weiss Essen Vs.  Rot Weiss Ahlen, Soccer, 38th match day, season 2021/2022, May 14, 2022

Unbridled joy: Cedric Hornbrook celebrates his 1-0 lead with fans

Source: pa / Eibner magazine photo

It has long seemed that Road-Weiss Essen will fail again. But on the final day of the match, the German champions from 1955 were promoted to the 3rd division. After the final whistle, exciting scenes take place.

D.He did not hear the final whistle, and then all the dams finally broke at Essen’s Hafenstrasse ground. Thousands of fans descended on the field and celebrated the recovery.

Rot-Weiss Essen returns to professional football after 14 years. On the final day of the match, Essen won 2-0 (1-0) at home against RW Ahlan. 2: 1 FC Köln One side is particularly distorted. “Incredibly, you have to go out, nothing is happening here. So much pressure is falling, and now we’re celebrating,” Esan’s Luca Durholtz said after the game in an interview at Catacombs.

Nearly 17,000 Essen fans cheered their team on 45 minutes before the game. To kick, they had large banners, one of which read: “No matter what happens, we stand with you.” Your team’s anxiety was evident in the opening minutes. Luca Durholts missed the first chance through a header (7th). As a result Essen played better and 20 minutes later the traditional club had already won five corners.

Haranbrock cuts off the food

The RWE has shown little interest in losing under Christian Neydard over the past few weeks. Two days before the end of the season, the Essen team finally parted ways with their coach. The right decision, as confirmed by Managing Director Marcus Uhlik in an interview with the club broadcaster.

Rot Weiss Essen Vs.  Rot Weiss Ahlen, Soccer, 38th match day, season 2021/2022, May 14, 2022

Ahead of the sold-out home crowd, Rhode-Weiss was able to get promoted on the last day of the Essen match. Simon Angleman (right) scored to make it 2-0

Source: pa / Eibner magazine photo

“Removing a coach is a complex process. We did not make it easy. I hate myself to a certain extent for the phrase ‘create a new inspiration’, ”Essen’s team explained.“ But we wanted to bring new fire. You will not hear a single bad word from me about Christian Neighbor. Nevertheless, I am determined to make a decision. “

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28 minutes later, the mood on the pitch at Hafenstrasse exploded: Oguzhan Kefkir converted a Cedric Harenbrock Rot-Weiss header from close range to make it 1-0. Minutes later, word spread that Munster were trailing 1-0 in Cologne. “Only RWE” echoed in the arena for several minutes.

A little lead is enough food

He scored two goals in the season-end final and became the front runner-up with Munster’s rivals scoring the same number of points. “We can achieve something really big and get the chance to finish the season with a promotion,” goalkeeper Jacob Coles described the historical dimension of the game. In half an hour everything seemed like a return to the long-awaited professional business.

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Rot-Weiss Essen - Union Berlin

RW Essen before the uprising

Essen, who finished last in the third division in the 2007/08 season, played in the Bundesliga for a total of seven years, benefiting from a 0-0 win over Munster at Whitenbrook last weekend. The result is a better starting position in the promotion race. Uhlik dry and firmly denied rumors that RWE SC Wiedenbrück had offered them a trip to Mallorca to encourage them: “Always breathe easily through your pants, next question.”

Essen pushed the decision after the break because of the presence behind them. But first the Munsters equalized against Cologne in the 49th minute. But even before the doubts arose, Simon Engelmann Eason had plunged the people into ecstasy. After a long throw-in by Kefkir, the striker made it 2-0 (60 ‘) with a header on a long post.

Space attack after the final whistle

The mood on the stand was now finally relaxed. This season it has not always been. The promotion fight between Essen and Münster in particular erupted due to incidents and the consequences of a direct fight between the two teams on 20 February. The encounter at Essen was halted when the score was 1: 1, after several people were injured in a firecracker explosion from the spectator block area in Essen. The West German Football Association (WDFV) rated Munster 2-0.

Rot Weiss Essen Vs.  Rot Weiss Ahlen, Soccer, 38th match day, season 2021/2022, May 14, 2022

The fans at Essen Stadium did not stop after the final whistle

Source: pa / Eibner magazine photo

The final stage in Essen became the red and white party. As SGS Essen’s Bundesliga girls play a home game on Sunday, before the game, those in charge asked their supporters not to hit the field. But no one remembers it. Fans entered the pitch, set up pyrotechnics, climbed towards targets and celebrated their promotion heroes.

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