Manchester United: Bruno Fernandez shows his satisfaction

On BT Sports’s microphone, Bruno Fernandez was satisfied after a dramatic victory over Villarreal.

Villarreal gave Manchester United a tough time this Wednesday night in the Champions League. Bruno Fernandez inspected the meeting into the microphone BT Sport.

“It has always been tough against the Spanish teams. They are good at the ball and we know the coach was in England before. Their teams have always played good football and defended well. They were organized, but we did a good job,” the Portuguese environment said.

“Sometimes we have to be patient, not in a hurry all the time. I always felt like we were in the game and felt they could change the situation when they scored. Alex’s pressure from the fans was incredible. There were some big savings. David really helped keep the score at 1-1. Was eager to do.

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“We ended the game with two forwards and they were alive when a ball went into the box. Eddie and Cristiano are still alive. We knew they could score at any time, so we multiplied them. Centers. These are three extraordinary points,” the Portuguese player said.

“It’s a tight team. No one expected the sheriff to get six points in two games. Who expected that? No one. You should expect anything.”

“Modern football has changed a lot. It’s not like every time teams spend more time winning, no small team that doesn’t spend more time wins. You always have to focus on the top level.”


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