20% of migrants are threatened with extinction, especially fish – last minute

From humpback whales to monarch butterflies, eels, sharks and fruit bats: they are all migratory animals and increasingly at risk of extinction, everywhere in the world. This is indicated by the first United Nations report entitled “The State of the World’s Migratory Species”, which shows that one in five migratory species is at risk of extinction, and the situation is particularly dire for migratory fish, as 97% of them are at risk of extinction. The reason lies in particular in habitat decline due to human exploitation, climate change, as well as indiscriminate hunting.

Making migrations is a strategy adopted by many animal species that allows them to follow the best environmental conditions and obtain food more easily. These are often animals that are instrumental in regulating the balance of the ecosystems into which they periodically move, and in many cases they are the heroes of amazing journeys – such as the bar-tailed Godwit, a bird capable of drone flight. – Stopping for 13 thousand kilometers, moving from Alaska to Tasmania, or the snakes that are all born in the Sargasso Sea and then spend their lives in rivers around the world and finally return to lay their eggs in their original place.

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