Le Jardin des Sens a ouvert place de la Canourgue à Montpellier en juillet dernier

The Pourcel brothers find their star in Montpellier. Six years after closing the Jardin des Sens, Montpellier’s Beaux-Arts district, the Chefs have just won Their first star in Jardin des Sens oOpen this summer at the Old Town Hall, the Richer de Belleval place de la Canourgue.

Big bonus for the two brothers who won up to three stars at their first restaurant. “We’re so glad we closed our doors in 2016 with one star, and reopen with one star, so in the end, it’s a fair return of things. It paves the way for another future. I think it takes a lot of work, and it’s been a commitment from the very beginning of this project. With people who have been following us for a very long time, people who have invested with us. This is still an acknowledgment of the work done.” Laurent Purcell explains

The hallmark of the restaurant of course The best food from seasonal produce, local products. “Now it’s the Mauguio asparagus that we cook with lobster. It’s spring, it’s a great season for chefs with all the little vegetables“.

A restaurant in a completely atypical place

The restaurant opened last July in an impressive building classified as a historic monument.We’ve had a totally atypical place ever since This is the old town hall of Montpellier Which have been turned into hotels and restaurants, with lots of artwork, in the spirit of a bistro, with the terrace on the Place de la Canourgue that will open in a few weeks. I think it’s a totally original and atypical place for downtown.”

Another restaurant that gets its first star, The alternative to Beziers Run by the regular Michelin guide, Gilles Goujon, who has already won three stars for his restaurant Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fontjoncouse in Aude.

We can say that Montpellier is the true gastronomic destination

In total Herault now has 6 restaurants with 1 starThere were already Pastis, Reflet d’Aubionne, Lecère and Rimbaud Reserve. Now here we are. These are 5-star establishments in Montpellier. So we can say that Montpellier is a real gastronomic destination.”

Suffice it to say that with this star you will have to do a little earlier to book the Jardin des Sens. “It is better to be overwhelmed by reservations than to be overwhelmed by debt. So reservations are there. People do it up front. What’s interesting is that we still see gourmets arriving from all over the place, sometimes from afar. We also have great clients from Montpellier who have been regulars in the park and have come back. “

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