Benfica, Young Boys and Malm qualified for the teams

At ten-eleven, Benfica qualified for the group stage against PSV in the return knock-off of the Champions League (0-0, 2-1 first round) on Tuesday evening. The Young Boys and Malm have secured their place in the C1.

We know three more have qualified for the 2021-2022 edition of the Champions League. This Tuesday, ahead of AS Monaco’s capital match on the Soccer meadow (this RMC Sport 1 at 9pm on Wednesday), the trio of young boys from Benfica Lisbon, Bern and Malmo secured their place in the group stage. From the most valuable club matches.

Benfica achieved a small feat on the pitch of PSV Eindhoven. After a 2-1 first win over Portugal last week, the Eagles were able to hold off the Dutch for ten to eleven hours after Lucas Verisimo (0-0) was sent off. The Portuguese were able to be extremely solid to retain the goalless draw that was in their favor.

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Quiet young boys, it goes to Malm

For their part, Bernin’s Young Boys qualified for the second group stage of C1 in their history (after 2018-2019). . The Swiss dominated their case and took advantage of the dismissal of former Angevin Issa Ladoni in this return match.

Finally, Malmo performs well despite losing 2-1 on the lawn of Ludocorets. The Swedes, 2-0 winners at home on the first leg, breathed good air just before half-time for this return jump-off due to a fantastic free kick by Serbian Velzko Birmanzevic.


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