In the Colorado River in the United States, there is a shortage of water for the first time

US government I have announced The Colorado River, one of the country’s most important waterways, has experienced a water shortage for the first time in its history due to drought in recent months.

The Colorado River originates in the Rocky Mountains, Utah, and crosses the entire southwest of the country until it empties into the Gulf of California, Mexico. It is one of the most important water resources in the United States and along its course forms the largest artificial freshwater reservoir in the country, Lake Mead: the lake, which is located a few miles from Las Vegas, Arizona, is very lake. Important for hydroelectric power generation. According to forecasts, due to drought, the lake will reach a level of 325 meters above sea level by the end of 2021 and will be at 34 percent of its capacity, the lowest since the filling of the dam began after the dam was completed. by Hoover in the 1930s.

Drought in the United States is a problem that recurs every year in this period, but in recent months it has become especially dangerous, especially in California, where it has contributed to large fires, such as the “Dixie Fire”, which since July 13 affects large areas in counties Butt, Blumas, and Lassen.

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