Biden calls the allies

AGI – The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, Participate in a video conferenceOrganized by the United States with President Biden, President Macron, Chancellor Schulz, Prime Minister Johnson, President Duda, President of the European Council Michel, Commission President von der Leyen and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

Commanders – announced Palazzo Shige – They checked the progress of the crisis On the borders of Ukraine in the light of developments on the ground and the results of numerous diplomatic contacts conducted at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

support for Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The importance of maintaining the closest coordination between allies and the need for a joint response capable of keeping an open channel of dialogue with Russia in order to reduce tensions, while clarifying the serious consequences that may result in a further deterioration of the situation, was also emphasized. .

The US President confirmed that ‘Total consensus’ with European allies Regarding the Ukrainian crisis. “I had a very good meeting,” Biden said at the end of the video conference. “There is complete consensus with all European leaders.”

The Pentagon has put 8,500 soldiers on alert In the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, spokesman John Kirby said that “no mission has been assigned yet, no deployment order has been issued” but that it was a matter of having “men ready when needed”.

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