Live im TV und Online-Stream: So seht ihr das WM-Qualifikationsspiel zwischen Liechtenstein und Deutschland.

Opponent Liechtenstein is a complete loser not only in the game against the 2014 World Champions, but also in Group J. This becomes clear even after the third match day. With no points and a goal difference of 1:10, coach Martin Stocklasa brings the team back. Liechtenstein’s only goal was a 4-1 defeat against Iceland.

Private broadcaster R.D.L. All rights to the World Cup qualifiers for the German national team. This means that interested parties can watch the match between Liechtenstein and Germany live on free television. Florian Konic and expert Lothar Matthews manage the game at Kybenpark in St. Colon, Switzerland. At 8.45am, Marco Hagman and co-commentator Stephen Bryant took charge.

Yes! Via the streaming portal R.D.L., TVNow, Watch the World Cup qualifier between Liechtenstein and Germany. So who TVNowKeep subscribing, don’t worry. Otherwise a subscription must be taken.

Of SportsOn Thursday, BUZZER delivers a live ticker of the World Cup qualifier between Liechtenstein and Germany. All Goals, Cards, Actions and Highlights Available here from 8.45am.

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