Line: Access to online notification reopened after pre-fill errors

Taxpayers who choose to remain on paper notice will have until May 19, midnight, to submit your 2022 notice (photo chart).

Lines – The end of the 3 day bracket. Online income reporting service on the site impots.gouv.frThe Directorate General of Finance (DGFIP) told AFP that the suspension was due on April 8 due to errors in pre-filling some announcements and was rescheduled for Monday morning, April 11.

The origin of the error was discovered: it was the worst transcription of overtime that was exempt from income tax for government employees who worked overtime in 2021, i.e. “about 1 million taxpayers”, according to the tax administration.

A message was sent if you were affected by an error

The DGFIP explained that the campaign was suspended “for at least the weekend to carry out the necessary inquiries” after taxpayers reported excessive amounts of pre-filled income. Some authors were particularly concerned about their actual income and the gap shown in their announcement, with a large increase of 30 to 60%.

The source said that a separate message will be sent to them explaining the procedure to be followed to correct their notice and the management will check whether any changes have been made.

This 3 day suspension will not have any impact on the tax rate, ”he said The first tax administration was insured on Friday, “Apologies for (his) inconvenience.” “If you check a notification with a pre-fill error, it can be fixed later, and all the information will be given to you when the site reopens,” he adds.

Despite the suspension, here are the deadlines for posting your notice online:

  • May 24, 2022 : Departments 1 to 19 and non-residents;

  • May 31, 2022: Fields n ° 20 to 54;

  • June 8, 2022: Sectors n ° 55 to 976.

For paper announcements, you have until May 19, midnight.

Since the introduction of the suspension tax in January 2019, this announcement has been simplified (mostly because it was completed in advance) and even automatically to more than 11 million French people. Thanks to the feedback from your company, public service or your employer as you work, it adapts to the evolution of your income.

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However, if you fail to find your tax rate (44% of households pay this tax) or make an error (or oversight) in the pre-filled notification, tax authorities recommend checking these amounts, if necessary, with a refund. .

Once the site reopens, use the annual summary that appears on your pay slip (December 2021, in the line “Declare Net Tax Income Declaration”) in your pension statement or specific document available to your payers. If you are concerned, also check if your tax credits or deductions or your tax deduction have been deducted.

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