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“I wouldn’t run if I didn’t believe I could. I’m the most qualified person to be president of the United States,” Biden said in an interview with ABC, adding that he regularly undergoes medical tests. Asked if he would take a cognitive test and then publicly release the results, Biden replied, “I have a full neurological exam every day.”
The television confrontation with Donald Trump was “a bad episode: I was exhausted – explains the American president. The responsibility for how the debate went lies solely with me, not with anyone else. I was terrified: they did some tests to see if I had some infections but it was just a bad cold and I'm still fine.

Joe Biden is increasingly alone. Although the longest-serving president in American history continues to insist that he does not want to give up the race for the White House, pressure from donors is mounting, with some party leaders calling on him to step down before it is too late.

Even NATO partners, who will gather in Washington in a few days for the alliance’s summit, are beginning to doubt the commander-in-chief’s ability to continue the campaign and defeat Donald Trump. “I will stay in the race” for the White House and “I will defeat Trump,” the president said in Madison, Wisconsin, a key state for the presidency. “Let’s stand together, let’s win this election and banish Donald,” he added. Biden has repeatedly added that democracy is at stake, but that is not reassuring. In the Senate, Democrat Mark Warner is forming a group of liberals to demand that Biden back off from “carefully assessing” his re-election bid.

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On the donor front, things are no better. After Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, who has donated more than $20 million to the Democratic Party over the years, the money doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Abigail Disney, the filmmaker and entertainment heiress, warned that the Biden campaign and its backing committees “will not get another cent from me until they take the bullet out and replace it.” The multimillionaire donor blasted the campaign, saying: “Biden is a good man who has served his country well, but the stakes are too high to let shame dictate our course of action.”

Then came the letter to the White House from 168 executives and financiers — including Christy Walton, the daughter-in-law of the Walmart founder, billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, and Harvard professor Lawrence Lessing — asking for “withdrawal of the nomination.” For the good of our democracy and our country.” As if that were not enough, according to Bloomberg, there is growing disillusionment and frustration with the aging commander-in-chief among NATO allies, as well as fears that America under Trump will not benefit transatlantic relations. “It’s unsustainable,” is the widely held view of Biden’s stubbornness in Brussels, where European and alliance officials hope the US president will step back in favor of someone who has a better chance of beating the businessman and thus preserving unity in Ukraine and NATO. Moreover, there is also concern, perhaps shared by the US administration, that the alliance summit scheduled for July 9-11 in the US capital will be overshadowed by the election. The president continues to insist that he has no intention of leaving and says he is convinced that he can still beat his Republican rival. But despite the change in strategy decided by his staff — more trips around the US to show activity and visibility — the mood in the Democratic Party has also changed, with many leaders turning to Harris, who at this point is seen as the only possible alternative. And the one who actually considers her a potential opponent is Trump himself, who has already set an attack that he will launch in the coming days.

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According to the plan revealed by some of his advisers, the businessman's tactics will focus on presenting the vice president as “extreme leftist”, pro-immigrant and anti-millionaire, and accusing her of inexperience in the international arena. The truth is that the former president's campaign fears Harris's candidacy not only because she is a black woman of Asian descent, but also because she is young. Kamala is 59 years old, 60 before the November election, and she is about twenty years younger than Trump, and if he can play the role of the young man compared to the old Biden, he will no longer be able to do so with the vice president. In the meantime, he has already given her a nickname, a kind of certificate of appreciation in the Trumpian mindset: “Lavin Kamala Harris” (a mispronunciation of the word “laughing”, “laughing one”), due to a distorted video circulating on the right wing platforms that gather everyone moments when the second man smiled at Biden.

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