Resultados Melate 25 de febrero de 2022. (Especial)

Melate is the main drag of National Lottery (Lottery) Its dynamics are carried out on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays after the closing of sales, which is carried out automatically at 9:00 in the evening.

After closing, a draw takes place, where you can be a lucky winner and become a millionaire, just by buying a lottery ticket.

What are the results of Melate?

  • Millet: 05 10 14 24 49 54 (extra) 32
  • rematch: 01 08 13 20 53 56
  • Revanchita: 21 23 45 51 53 56

Until when can I receive my prize?

On this occasion, the total to be distributed amounted to 2 million 771 thousand 228.53 pesos in the Arab Republic of Egypt the lottery 3553 from Millet.

Any prize, regardless of the amount, can be taken at

Central forecasting offices

From the day following the competition. At authorized agencies, you can only collect prizes up to 9999.99 pesos.

If your prize is more than 3,000 pesos, you can go to any bank branch Bancomer, Santander and Scotiabank for the Mexican Republic.

The period for receiving prizes is 60 calendar days from the day following the holding of the contest or raffle, as applicable.

Once this period has elapsed, the right to receive the prize will expire and its final destination will be added to all that is concentrated in union treasury for public assistance.

All prizes are paid in the national currency and on the terms stated on the back of the ticket, as well as the relevant draw or contest regulations.

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How is Melate played?

jar Millet He randomly chooses seven fields with the winning numbers: the first six are called the “natural numbers” and the seventh is the “extra number”.

To win, the numbers on your ticket must match at least two natural numbers. The more numbers match, the higher your prize. There are three ways to play:

The Melate flyer contains five squares or sections of 56 numbers each, so you can play with up to five different combinations. You must choose six numbers for each square you want to play, and fill in the sections from left to right with pencil, blue or black ink. If there is an error, put NULL in the corresponding box (at the bottom of the box) and use the next box.

Another way is to tell your agent which six numbers you want for each game. It will enter it into the system without having to use the flyer.

It is there for those people who prefer to leave everything to chance. In this gameplay, the system will pick six random numbers for you for each draw you want. In addition to Melate, you have two more chances to win with the same numbers: Vengeance and revenge.

To participate in rematchSelect it on your post and participate with the same numbers you chose in Melate, hence the name of this section of the lottery.

Draws are held on Wednesdays and Sundays after the sale closes, which also take place at 9:00 PM. The jar of revenge will choose six balls at random with their corresponding numbers, for you to play again.

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for this part, Revanchita This is a third chance to win a prize. Like Revancha, draws take place on Wednesdays and Sundays after the sale closes.

To compete for this prize, all you have to do is check the Revanchita box on your flyer or tell your agent that you want to participate in this third draw.

The minimum guaranteed prize is 10 million pesos. Your ticket is the official guide To collect the prize if you win, so keep it in a safe place and be careful not to mistreat it.

In order to collect, it is important to present and hand out tickets containing the winning combinations. Melate is priced at 15 pesos per set of six numbers, plus 10 pesos for extra Revancha and 5 Revanchita.

You can register your groups with one of the more than 9,000 forecasting agencies located across the country or through the Internet.



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