Afghanistan, a month ago Biden said:

The evacuation of embassies and dozens of citizens. It’s the pictures that come from Acceptance Yesterday, the Taliban achieved their goal of capturing the capital and actually coming to take over the country. Scenario, just a month ago, the President of the United States of America, Joe BidenConsider it too far. What if the Taliban’s takeover of the country is inevitable? – He said during a press conference – No, because today there are 300,000 well-equipped Afghan soldiers and air force against approximately 75,000 Taliban, it is not inevitable.

According to the chief is so The scene was too far away That even the intelligence did not present the hypothesis, convinced that the Afghan leadership was strong enough. And just a month ago, Biden considered the Vietnam experience “incomparable” with that of Afghanistan. “The Taliban is not the army of North Vietnam – they can’t be compared remotely in terms of capabilities,” he explained. seal: There will be no situations where we see people being evacuated from the rooftop of an embassy United States of Afghanistan. It can’t be compared.”

Referring to the famous photo of 1975, when the US Embassy in Saigon was evacuated by a helicopter that carried people from the rooftop. Regardless of any of Biden’s predictions, that very similar image reappeared on Sunday, August 15, when, like 46 years ago, helicopters picked up American diplomats from the roof of the Kabul embassy.

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