Diallo denies involvement and prolonged listening

Paris Saint-Germain and France player Khaira Hamraoui was attacked violently with an iron bar last Thursday. Her colleague, Aminata Diallo, suspected of being linked to the attack, has been taken into police custody. The latter denies involvement in this case, according to L’Equipe.

An incredible relationship and it’s still full of gray areas. Last Thursday, after a meal organized by Paris Saint-Germain with all the players and staff, Khaira Hamraoui was violently attacked, in Chateau, when her colleague Aminata Diallo brought her home. Two masked men appeared near the car and took Al-Hamrawi out of the car before hitting him in the legs with an iron rod. Fortunately for the international community, there was no regrettable fracture, she had to have stitches done in her legs and hands.

Diallo session has been extended for 24 hours

The case took a new turn on Wednesday when Aminata Diallo was arrested by the Versailles Police’s Repression Brigade (BRB) and put into custody. The Paris Saint-Germain player, who is presumed innocent at this time, is suspected of being involved in organizing this attack.

this Thursday, the team Reporting that the Prosecutor of the Republic of Versailles, Marivon Caillebotte, reported that Diallo’s hearing has been extended for twenty-four hours. So this could go on until Friday morning. Aminata Diallo has heard it four times so far, and she denies her involvement in the case according to the newspaper.

Held in Lyon in police custody

Another person in police custody in this case. He will be one of the detainees in Leon Corbas prison, and Diallo knows, according to Dinar. The latter is currently imprisoned on charges of extortion, acts of torture and barbarism. It could be motivated by a desire to take revenge on Al-Hamrawi, according to L’Equipe, which claims to have had an affair with the latter, according to the daily.

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