Borderlands 3: This week's free Epic Games Store game

A few years after its cross-platform and downloadable release, Borderlands 3 is finally here Completely free on the Epic Games Store. If you have a computer, this is the perfect time to get started and why not play with your friends in co-op. Anyway, this is a title with thousands of promises and activities and it will obviously take several tens of hours.

This article suggests you should come back Our complete guide to the gamewith all there is to know about robber shooter From the list of conversion codes to the best ways to earn dollars easily.

Epic Games

This week, the Epic Games Store is offering an additional mystery title completely free. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to try Borderlands 3!

Here we will present only a small sample of the content of our portal at the address Motion vectorIf you would like to check out all our guides and instructions on the latter, we recommend you bookmark the link below:

Tips, to get you started

The following guide is more dedicated to freshmen Or at least for those who want to better set up their first release on Pandora understand Gearbox change code system, and know Which category do you chooseOr expand your inventory or simply understand the game world. Thus, you will find a list of small tips that will allow you to get the most out of your game.

Legendary Weapons, Easter Eggs

What would a later shooter worthy of that name be without his dose of legendary, worn-out weapons? Borderlands 3 has a lot of them, with weird functionality and an arm’s length list of pyrotechnic effects. Some are well hidden and even point to other video game licenses, such as MarioRick and Morty, or Encore game of thrones. Below, find the list of interesting legendary weapons in the game, with detailed guides on how to get them.

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gearbox shift

Borderlands 3 also includes a system golden keys And the latter will allow you to start the adventure with a certain feature. In fact, the latter is used to open a specific chest in Sanctuary 3 and to distribute rare (exotic or legendary) equipment. After a few hours of playing it is very easy to secure some purple or orange coins from your level. For those looking for “old school” weapons, check out our Legendary Weapons guides.

Gearbox has taken advantage of PAX East to share a new Shift code to enter the site which contains 5 gold keys to collect from your in-game mailbox.

Farm dollars easily

Shooting and collecting are the main activities in Borderlands 3, but you also have to spend on occasions, whether in Moxxi, at various vending machines, and especially to increase your inventory in Marcus in Sanctuary 3.

This last option in particular is quite expensive as you must have realized. Legendary upgrades in each category cost about $2.2 million each, with a whopping total of $32,800,000 when mid-level upgrades are included. That’s a lot of money. Let’s see how to put it all together.

Claptrap, recordings, and radio écalarte: the complete tour

As a self-respecting thief, tons of creatures can be found on the different planets of Borderlands 3. Galactic regions are meandering and if certain parts are reserved for secondary missions, we highly recommend that you start a crew invasion Challenges, such as hurricane recordings or scarlet radio: you might do some Fascinating discoveries.

Sometimes you’ll have to come back to it after unlocking certain skills during the story, like breaking those pesky blocks of iridium or reading Eridian’s writings that will leave you very envy for a few dozen hours.

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Our other games at the moment

If Borderlands 3 is back in action thanks to its free access to the Epic Games Store, you might not be unaware Two games recently exploded on Twitch. On the one hand, we find a fan-made mini-browser game where you have to tap to catch as many Pokemon: Pokeclicker as possible, and on the other hand, a crafting and survival game where vampires have taken control: V Rising. A special reference to Dislyte, a mobile summoning game that blends modernity and mythology.


In recent weeks on Twitch, there have been some unusual and surprising games that have been sweeping other trends and topping the platform. Again for these unexpected and highly effective video game coins!


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