Can an asteroid hit Earth?

after vision do not search Surely you are wondering if there is a possibility in the future that a asteroid can affect the earth and destroy human life and everything we know.

In the movie, available on Netflix, two astronomers discover that in just over 6 months the earth It will hit a giant meteorite.

From this point on they should try to convince politicians and humanity that the end of life is near.


But how likely is it that a file asteroid Humanity threatens to influence with the earth?

Biologist Ivan Meza Veles commented to a Peruvian newspaper that there is no evidence that something like this is happening in the not so distant future, that is, humanity will not end as in do not search.

“It will not happen in human time,” the expert said.

the the earthHe said that asteroid fragments are constantly falling. The objects are known as NEO (Near-Earth Objects, in English) and some measure centimeters and some meters, they are close to our planet and are observed in detail by astronomers around the world.

About 3,000 of these bodies are discovered each year.

In addition, NASA maintains an accurate record and the chances of comets more than 100 meters in diameter are approaching the earth In the next few centuries, it was negligible, approaching 0.037 percent.

Asteroid tierra not looking for

One of the closest possibilities is that if we take as reference the asteroid Bennu that could touch the planet in the year 2182.

What would happen if a meteorite fell to Earth?

Evan Meza Velez stated that humanity has a 70 percent chance that asteroid Going somewhere far in the ocean, that’s the percentage of water on the Earth’s surface.

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Contrary to what happened millions of years ago, since then for science, the hypothesis that a asteroid 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, and was one kilometer in diameter, it affected the Yucatan Peninsula and accelerated the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

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