Scientists find secret caves of the last Neanderthals

Researchers have discovered a hidden chamber that has been sealed for at least 40,000 years in the Rock of Gibraltar, where it is estimated that Neanderthals lived for much longer. from 100,000 years.

Archaeologists from the Gibraltar National Museum began studying Vanguard Cave, part of the Gorham Cave complex, in 2012 to determine if the cave contains unknown passages or chambers that may have been hidden by sediment.

Just last month, researchers found a hole in the sediment and discovered a “large chamber at the back” of the cave.

The preliminary investigation revealed a distance of 13 meters [42-feet] Researchers said ‘a room on the roof of the cave’ in a statement.

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The team uncovered a number of intriguing findings in the room, including the remains of lynxes, hyenas, and griffon vultures, as well as scratch marks on the walls made by an unknown carnivore.

A large snail shell was also found at the back of the cave, which is an interesting find since the room is a reasonable distance from the coast.

“The walla is at the back of this cave…it is probably about 20 meters from shore,” said Clive Finlayson, director and chief scientist at the Gibraltar National Museum, He told CNN.

“Someone took this eggplant there..more than 40,000 years ago. This really gave me a hint that people were there, and maybe it’s not too surprising. These people, due to their advanced age, could only be Neanderthals.”

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Gorham’s Cave complex consists of four caves and is considered the last known Neanderthal habitat in Europe.

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