Top 14: Perpignan stuns Biarritz

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Biarritz (AFP) – The shock rookie and last of the top 14 turned in Perpignan’s favour, the snatch winner at Biarritz (25-23) who nonetheless took the match point on Saturday during the 15th day of the top 14.

It was a no-loss match, especially for BO in his garden in Aguilera, especially after the good impression the Basques made a week ago in Bordeaux by leaving with a defensive bonus.

The stakes were heavy but the match and intentions were there on every side. Even if there are still eleven days before the final score, the US Soccer Federation dealt a blow to its host today, with an undeniable psychological ascent.

His efficiency after returning from the locker room with two attempts signed by Duguivalu (52nd place), one was given at the foot by Tedder, and the other by Tedder personally, author of a decisive interception (58), distinguished the Biarrots who were ahead in the break (13-8, 40). ).

Dugivalo did indeed fire that shock of fear with a quick (fifth) attempt, but the failures at the foot of Jamenet didn’t allow Patrick Arlitaz’s men to make the hole.

In contrast to the Basques, who took advantage of the visiting indiscipline to calmly return to the match thanks to the Peruvian boot, before Argentine Cobelle did not score half an attempt at the level of the kick (13-5, 29).

Then the usapiste scrum took matters into their own hands to reverse direction, thanks to these two tests that Duguivalu and Tedder set before the hour mark (22-13, 58).

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BO then relied on the penalty kick to catch the kick, but errors and wheeling reduced that choice to nothing. Even Barnaby Quillod, also a con man, made a comeback to restore hope (20-22, 68) while his side played 14 against 13.

The end of the match was filled with pain. Breathing! The Basques pressed for a dropped penalty, passed by Heron (23-22, 74) and Aguilera exploded.

But that joy was too short because Mahi scratched the winning ball in the next sending-off. And this time, Jaminet (25-23, 76) didn’t shiver.


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