“I caught a two-meter catfish in Lake Varese in Javerati”

The “strike” is on the rod, which is a line running in the reel towards the dark green lake depths (although in this section the depths are only a few metres), and so far from the grip that becomes more and more accessible to all even the dread of seeing the enormous mouth opening, and the amazement felt by the reader Federico, an avid fisherman who saw the drawings on his face when he appeared Also the evidence attesting to the size of the fish, i.e. the caudal fin, from the surface of the water.

It is enough for the athlete to say: “I caught a two-meter catfish.”.

It happened at Gavirate Lido last March 23rd, just after spring. And the pictures that the fisherman presents to the editors are very eloquent. the


It is rare to catch a catfish of this size. Even the official says so Wikipedia page It explains the properties Silurus glanis

Torpedoes usually reach 1.3-1.6 meters in length and rarely exceed 2 meters. It is believed that they can reach 4 meters in length, but such lengths are extremely rare, moreover there is no definite evidence. According to some reports, including Alfred Edmund Brehm’s Life of Animals, torpedoes 3 meters long and weighing 200-250 kg were caught in the Danube in the 19th century.

In the rivers of Poland, Ukraine, France, Spain, Italy and Greece, catfish can reach large sizes due to low competition, abundant food and favorable living conditions. The largest recorded torpedo was discovered in the Po Delta and had a length of 2.78 meters and a weight of 144 kg.


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There are several ways to catch catfish. Spread the ropes with a dead fish, with a dead fish that the fisherman leads and “treats”, and live fish. or he “Rotation”No fishing lure. In this case, lead baits are thrown into the water—surface baits can also be used—which mimic not only a wounded or distressed bait, but also a mouse, water snake, or small birds that the catfish feeds on.

In the event Maxi’s torpedo was captured from Javerati The angler chose the spinning technique with a “Cat Spin 240″ rod and . 30” braided line with a steel leader, and as a red/yellow “Shad” bait on a 14g Texas hook.

what should be done

In the event of capture, torpedo fish should not be returned to the water but should be contained and discarded. This is an obligation contained in the regional regulations for fishing in Basin No. 5 (ie the areas into which the area is divided).
The reasons for this ruling are the need to conserve native species for which there are specific ban periods and minimum fishing length limits. Rules that do not apply to allogenic species specifying the rules to apply in Aquarium No. 5 in: bream; carp; pseudoraspora; Gardon; I am waiting; catfish; a lock; Congratulations golden crochet; rodeo; Alien Barbel; catfish (all types) ; bitter.


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